Comtemporary minimalist Interior designed by Brushdecor
Old fashion and vintage murals adds an elegant touch to any room
Brushdecor rendering service brings your project to life
Replica of Classic Paintings on canvas
Brushdecor offers a variety of speciality finishes to achieve the look you are after.
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Brushdecor Studio is based in Brooklyn, New York. We provide professional decorative
design to a wide range of commercial and residential spaces. Our speciality is custom
murals and faux finishes which complement the overall design of your space. The studio can be of assistance with budgeting, scheduling, and planning the logistics of your work.

Custom Murals and Paintings
Faux Finishes and Textures
Trompe L'oeil
Childrens Room Decoration
Artwork Installation
Signage and Graphics
Scenic Background Painting
3D Interior Design
Mural Restoration
Graffiti, Reproductions, Stencils

From Traditional to Modern contemporary styles we offer resources for interior design projects, murals and faux finishes, from design through installation. We work with computer 3D technology design to develop production-friendly details, rendering and sketches that will ensure the best quality.

Brushdecor faux finishes transforms your walls, floors, ceiling and moldings into unique works of art.

What do you need ? From that
very first step, every project is unique.
Brushdecor has the necessary
expertise and aesthetic sense to assist you through the entire project, from beginning to the end, answering that question

Gustave Caillebotte Reproduction, NY 2007
Faux Distressed Texture, Brooklyn 2011

Free Initial consultation, Sample Boards of Techniques, and Estimate.